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Design trends of our company

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Design trends of our company



Last week, the design department of our company had a discussion with the design director of Tianyi Resources. The theme of the meeting was mainly about the current design trend. The communication brought a lot of surprises to our design of oil painting, wooden wall art, iron products and expanded our ideas.  

The design is mainly set according to different seasons, we are now focusing on spring in first half of next year. Mainly reflects the bright color, multi-material, multi-geometric figures. At the same time, the design theories of ethnic minorities and Australian aborigines can be also referenced.

 In addition, taking into account the current situation, this year is a year of trial for the whole world. Because of COVID-19, the earth is sick and our life has changed dramatically. However, no one can stop the arrival of spring, the colour of the design should be bright, full of sunshine, healthy. Bright colors bring some happiness to people living in the epidemic. Images can take on healing themes, such as blooming trees, the deep blue sea, the steed Pentium on the grassland, high flying birds, etc.

The color and theme of the healing can let people out of the heavy oppression, pain can be comforted by the beauty of art. I believe this discussion will bring you visual enjoyment later.

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